Faces of Japan

Featuring Lev Tsimring
August 1, 2013 - October 27, 2013
Faces of Japan
The beautiful, familiar and sometimes humorous moments of everyday life are often overlooked in what seems to be an ever-changing and productive world. Who would stop to watch a man napping on a bench or a woman attending to her child? The emotions and actions of daily life are often lost in translation for ‘bigger and better things.’  
Lev Tsimring strives to capture, and even celebrate these moments in time to tell a story about the human experience. The exhibition presents a selection of photos taken in the bustling cities of Japan during his trips in 2001 and 2010. Japan with its rich cultural heritage reflected in its natural landscape, ancient temples, lush gardens and stunning urban architecture, is a prime example that despite any differences in landscape and culture, the human experience is often shared.
As Tsimring describes, “I use my camera to look inside the soul of the place by photographing its people. I don’t spend much time taking photos of famous landmarks or pretty landscapes. Instead, I walk the streets trying to catch glimpses of people’s lives, their faces, their emotional reactions. In my photos you see them talk, laugh, cuddle, argue, walk, relax, read, nap... I cherish the fact that these fleeting moments are exactly that – fleeting – and so they persist only in my photos and nowhere else.  Looking through the piles of street photos I accumulated over the last several years, I realized that no matter how far I go and how different the language, culture, or circumstances of these people are from my own, I find the situations and emotions are very similar. People are people, wherever and however they live, and this exhibition is a way to share this feeling with a viewer.”
Lev Tsimring was born and raised in Russia where he learned the basics of photography from his father. A San Diego resident since 1992, Tsimring currently studies physics of living systems at UCSD. In the last 10 years, his photography grew from a mere hobby to a complete artistic endeavor. Lev regularly exhibits his works in group and solo exhibitions, has won several prestigious awards, and in 2005 published his first book of photography, “Through my eyes”.
To learn more visit his website at: http://www.levtsimring.com
The Japanese Friendship Garden invites you to the Opening Reception on Thursday, August 1st from 6 - 8pm.
Please enter through the front gate. Light refreshments & cash bar will be provided.
RSVP online at https://48323.blackbaudhosting.com/48323/Faces-of-Japan by Wednesday, July 31st.