Creating a Storm: Sakura Fubuki

Featuring Diana Carey
February 1, 2013 - April 28, 2013
Creating a Storm: Sakura Fubuki
 “Art should evoke and portray the artist’s fibre, his struggles and his vision. It should elicit a strong emotional response from the viewer, making him consider the palette and brush with which he himself is painted.”  - Diana Carey 
Diana Carey, aka “d. goth,” began painting and exhibiting professionally in the late 1990’s. Initially known for her fresco paintings on broken stones and her poetry, Diana moved into large scale canvas paintings incorporating the Pollock, gestural technique of throwing, dripping, and splattering paint with brushes and sticks. Many of her works are over 8ft tall. Diana was intrigued by Pollock’s style because it was initially difficult to understand. What appeared to be simple and random turned out to be challenging.  She describes her finished work as being no more chaotic than the connecting particles that make up existence itself.
Creating a Storm, Sakura Fubuki will focus on large gestural paintings, splashed and dripped in an interpretation of the Garden atmosphere.  Also included are her contemporary fresco stone work, Koi and Koi Pond which was originally exhibited at the San Diego Natural History Museum.  New to the exhibit will be a montage of 12"x12" paintings that make up one vista.  These 12"x12" works will be for sale during the exhibit both singulary, or as group paintings.  As the pieces are taken away, she will pull the existing pieces together resulting in a reconfigured painting surface.  It will be an ongoing process with the painting evolving throughout the exhibit.
Diana was born in Beirut Lebanon to American parents abroad and raised in Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited internationally in museums, schools, and galleries. In addition she has lectured and held workshops in both the private and public sector. She is also the 2011 recipient of the Kenneth Picerne Artist Outreach Grant. She currently resides in Fallbrook, CA.
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Reception Details:
Thursday, January 31, 2013 (5pm to 7pm)
Please join us as we welcome artist, Diana Carey for her opening reception!  Enjoy live entertainment by the incredible music duo Yael and Vlad and light refreshments! Please RSVP by Tuesday, January 29th at (619) 232-2721 ext. 104. Members receive a free poster signed by Diana and will also be available for purchase for non-members. The poster is a repoduction of the signature piece of the exhibit, Sakura Fubuki (cherry blossom storm).